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Chris Saenz
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Burn Free
Wayne Keith
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All I can say is my hat is off to you again!!


Kelly Rose
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Very well done!

Very well done!

I want to thank you Chris and Wayne both, for all the effort you guys put into everything.
You guys will make a difference in the lives of many of us. This has far greater meaning than just saving a buck!

Thanks Guys!!!

Robin Redmond
just want to second Kelly's

just want to second Kelly's sentiments.
as the manure begins hitting the fan in so many places around our country, this is like one source of hope that the common man can actually do something about being otherwise at the mercy of oil companies and arabian sheiks.

Terry Clay
gr8t video, looking forward

gr8t video, looking forward to building my own.

Clay Hopmann
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This video is absolutely

This video is absolutely Amazing!! I'll have to third Kelly's statement. Thanks for your hard work Wayne and for giving us forward thinking Americans a map to another way of energy independence. You will be rewarded greatly! Our nation needs this now more than ever!

Clay Hopmann
Dumas, Arkansas