Johnny Caudill's 1994 Dakota

The main ingredient in a gasifier is determination. Johnny Caudill's truck was built on a shoestring budget, but with the right mix of creativity and resourcefulness, he produced a truck that runs and drives with the best of them!

"I am one happy camper right now ..I just done a 60 mile trip ,30 miles there 30 miles back , 100% wood and was cruising 60-65 mph all the way .. Its almost like magic happened , I am guessing my char bed is where it needs to be now .The thing is running absolutely wonderful I consumed around 50 -55 lbs of wood ...Its no longer eating it like crazy and I am ready 2-4 on the hopper and 10 -15 on the rails ..Tonight's run cost me a Big Fat ZERO :-) "

Read more about Johnny's truck here.

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