Encyclopedia Of Biomass Thermal Conversion First Published in 1970, then republished in 1972, this monumental work has long been out of print. Nevertheless, it is the most complete survey of this field, written by a stable of scientists and engineers for the new (then) Solar Energy Research Institute to guide their choices of programs. The facts of biomass life don't change, and most of them can be found here.

A Survey Of Biomass Gasification 2001 T. Reed and S. Gaur have surveyed the biomass gasification scene for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the Biomass Energy Foundation. 180 pages of large gasifiers systems, small gasifiers and gasifier research institutions with descriptions of the major types of gasifiers and a list of most world gasifiers. 2nd edition.

Biomass Downdraft Gasifier Engine Systems Handbook T. Reed and A. Das, (SERI-1988) Over a million wood gasifiers were used to power cars and trucks during World War II. Yet, there are now only a few companies manufacturing gasifier systems. The authors, who have spent more than 20 years working with various gasifier systems, discuss the factors that must be correct to have a successful "gasifier power system." Our most popular book, the "new Testament" of gasification. ISBN 1-890607-00-2

Gengas: The Swedish Classic On Wood Fueled Vehicles (SERI-1979) T. Reed, D. Jantzen and A. Das, with index. This is the "Old Testament" of gasification, written English translation, of "Gen-Gas", written by the Swedish Royal Academy at the end of WW II after successfully converting 90% of transportation of WW II Sweden to wood gasifiers. ISBN 1-890607-01-0

Small Scale Gas Producer-Engine Systems A. Kaupp and J. Goss. (Veiweg,1984) Updates GENGAS and contains critical engineering data and good common sense, indispensable for the serious gasifier project. Ali Kaupp is thorough and knowledgeable. ISBN 1-890607-06-1

Biomass Gasifier "Tars": Their Nature, Formation, And Conversion T. Milne, N. Abatzoglou, & R. J. Evans. Tars are the Achilles Heel of gasification. This thorough work explores the chemical nature of tars, their generation, and methods for testing and destroying them. (100 page bibliography also available for additional $10) ISBN 1-890607-14-2

Other Books:

Woodgas for Mobile Applications Vesa Mikkonen's book of plans, showcasing the European style of gasification, using state of the art stainless steel construction. Full blueprints, tips and tricks, and all the calculations you'll ever want to do.

Die Gaserzeuger und Gasfeuerungen (The gas generator and gas furnaces)

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