Links to woodgas related resources and websites.

Current USA vehicle gasifiers:

Books by Dave Gingery:

The following links originally came from Victory Gasworks in 2011, courtesy Ben Peterson. Many are outdated and broken. A whole collection of hard to find books on gasification Links to woodgas resources and builders Doug Williams gasification site Stig-Erik Werner's site

Kurts woodgas site Database for renewable energy incentives An online group for gasification. Dutch Johns site Site explaining and promoting solar energy, with good state-by-state solar info. A site with numerous forms of alternative fuel and lot's of practical info Background on the process of turning gas to liquids Resources for gasification

The home of the Gasification Technologies Council Free wood pellet and biomass exchange The digital library for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers A great slide presentation on gasification. Biomass Energy Resource Center Woodward is the world's largest independent designer, manufacturer, and service provider of energy control and optimization solutions for aircraft engines, industrial engines and turbines, and electrical power equipment. The company's innovative fluid energy, combustion control, electrical energy, and motion control systems help customers offer cleaner, more reliable, and cost-effective equipment. Electronic timing control. Driver operated ignition retard controls for aftermarket (modified) applications. Another young guy that is actually building gasifiers. Not you old farts reading this :)

Custom Augers This is an Ebay store for an auger manufacturer.

Northwest Steam Society A community of steam enthusiasts.

Power-Gen Trade Show Trade show for the power generating industry.

ABANA Artists and blacksmiths association of North America.

Automation Controls Programmable Logic Controller

Arduino Open source controller board. Download program from Google codes.

MegaSquirt ECU Electronic control module for fuel injected vehicles

DIY Supercharger book

How to Design & Build Centrifugal Fans: Book

The Battery Builders Guide

Jensen Chopper (chipper)

Clear Vue Cyclone dust collector Watch your cyclone work on the inside

Hooking up a generator to your house

2 Cone Calculator Sites: and

Calculate volume of cones

Orifice Flow Meter

Melting Point of metals

Metal weight


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