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Advanced Biomass Gasification For The Economical Production Of Biopower, Fuels, And Hydrogen

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Recent price increases for various forms of energy along with projected shortages of supply have resulted in renewed interest in alternative fuels. Biomass gasification provides a renewable basis for supplying not only direct energy products such as gaseous and liquid fuels, and electric power, but also a broad suite of chemicals such as Fisher-Tropsch liquids as well as hydrogen. A medium calorific value (MCV) gas is necessary to achieve the full potential of biomass gasification for fuels, chemicals, and hydrogen production. The Taylor gasification process, being developed by Taylor Biomass Energy is a biomass gasification process that produces a MCV gas. The Taylor gasification process provides improvements over currently available gasification processes by integrating improvements to reduce issues with ash agglomeration and provide in-situ destruction of condensable hydrocarbons (tars), an essential element in gas cleanup. The gas conditioning step integrated into the Taylor Gasification Process provides a unique method to convert the tars into additional synthesis gas and to adjust the composition of the synthesis gas to significantly increase its hydrogen to carbon monoxide ratio. Testing has shown that approximately 90% of the tars can be removed by the gas conditioning step providing a synthesis gas suitable for a variety of applications.

Construction is expected to start in mid 2007 for an integrated combined cycle power system incorporating the Taylor Gasification Process and utilizing biomass feedstocks recovered from municipal solid wastes (MSW) and construction and demolition wastes (C&D). The Taylor Recycling Facility, LLC, located approximately 70 miles northwest of New York City in Montgomery, NY, is a leader in C&D and waste wood recycling. The plant with a current capacity of 350 tonnes per day, is operated continuously. The facility will consist of three primary elements: (1) an expansion of the Taylor Sorting and Separation system to produce biomass feedstock for the gasifier, (2) a 275 tonne per day (dry basis) Taylor Gasifier, and (3) a power island to convert the MCV gas into competitively priced electric power. In addition, the facility will provide a development platform where downstream unit operations such as chemical synthesis or hydrogen production can be easily evaluated. The design of the Taylor Gasification facility will allow the gasification island to be built in a modular-type of construction, providing faster installation of the gasification facility and reduced capital costs. The Taylor Gasification Process, its modular design, and implementation into the commercial IGCC system in Montgomery, NY is discussed.

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